6 more

Well it snowed 6 more inches last night, now we have a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. Yesterday i went to joanns fabric store to buy thread i was in a rude awaking they cost 2.40 a pop, i thought they were a 1.40 so i bought 3boy was i suprised how much they went up in 10 years. its been at least that long ince i bought thread. my sewing urge has struck me again so i have several projects in mind, atable runner for my coffee table i can never find the color i want and i can make it cheaper then kmarts and use better material. a patchwork tablecloth with pics of my long lost family members and my childrens.so many ideas so little money.went to thethrift storelooking for fabric only found 2 books and a circular knitting needle 4.00 bought all three. not bad i guess now i just have to learn how to use them. lol


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