Carb out!

So this week being my birthday week and vacation week, ive been eating nothing but carbs. and now i feel like crap, birthday cake, butter cake , donuts, frenchtoast , crabcakes.and i just had scrambled eggs.And you know what i dont even like buttercake. so much talking about food .think im gonna make chicken wraps tonight, justs need to get myself movitaded to get to the store.
Been out trapsing with husband ,homedepot, bank pickup motherinlaws dog at the groomer,bank another one,and lowes but i chose not to go. we need a new roof and taking a loan out for it. not what i wanted to do again but hes paying for this roof should last us till were old and gray.
So far this week went to movies with daughter, went to tjmax, khols with birthday money,luch with daughter to the kitchen table in warrington pa. Very good food.We wanted to go apple picking but its been raining on and off all week.So i guess thats not gonna happen this vacation.


  1. Happy Birthday. I had so many carbs this week too I am like in a carb coma. lol.


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