a day off

What i did on my day off i vowed to relax and take it easy.But that did not happen, i went Thur 4 bags of mismatched socks that have been sitting around for a couple a years, never really felt like sitting down and matching them . well today was that day, whatever happen to missing sock do they go to sock heaven , i really am confused a i had many without a matching pair. i threw away the grungy ones found about 20 matching yea i usually wear 2 different ones as long as they are the same somewhat color. i hate throwing them away cause when you do the match always shows up sometime. well done with that task, for another few years i hope. OK so  much for socks today was also errand day for everybody Else needs gas, leaf bags yes its that time of year again.perscription pickup.not much of a fun day off, oh and made dinner for the guys as im meeting up with my daughter, to bring moving boxes and bags only 3 weeks to get out of her apt. well thats all for now , go match some socks for fun. LOVE DEB


  1. It is called the hozone. You know like the ozone. An alternate reality wear all socks go! I have the same problem only I match everything. I also press my slip f I wear one!


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