life has too many twists and turns and dives, i was hoping for a better 2015 . 2014 was not kind to me, and now 2015 has turned on me too. this was the year of let go and let god. take care of things sunday night i left work and boom flat tire, had to call AAA thank god my daughter added my son for free. so the driver as changing to the spare which was 12 years old and never used. so he says to me does your car always sit that low .im like duh i dont know, so he thinks the suspension went kaboom could cause i heard a loud noise when i pulled to the tune of 1700 dollars we can fix your car. so since its the only car we have between the two of us whats a person to do?????????????? heres to hope febuarary being better but i did save 26.00 in change.gotta start an emergency fund.


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