20,000 mark

I just hit the 20,983 mark on my loan 2 years and 11 months to go. I hope I make it!


  1. I can relate to your money issues. Over our life we have not been the smartest when it came to money. My husband was the one who always wanted something and felt like he deserved it because he worked. Not wanting to be the "nagging" wife, I usually caved and let him have his way.He could not see that those payments caused him to have to work harder.He would fume and fret because his paycheck was almost gone after paying bills.Finally after many "stand offs" he has come to see things differently. Our only bills are the house payment, living expenses, the credit card and hospital bill. Our vehicles and boats are paid off. It is scary living on the edge financially. So many of us do or have done it.I know you can make this loan payment a thing of the past. It is only going to take being very thrifty and not spending money that is not a necessity. Save money each pay day even if it is only 20 dollars and put it away to make sure you build up an emergency fund for things like unexpected bills or what happened to make your payment late. You can do this.


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